Welcome To Bleach Shinigami Redemption

Welcome To Shinigami Redemption

    Ok an important announcment on somethings


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    Ok an important announcment on somethings

    Post by Evan on Sat Jul 10, 2010 5:28 pm

    First of all if you ever become a Hoster and you receive a lower ranking GM position you have only our old piece of shit host that doesn't know anything to blame,if you boot Heaven,another owner or me beware of future consequences because guess what I could just as easily find a new host to replace shitty ones,to be honest no all hosts are like the old shittastic one who abuses,it's because i'm in a pissed off mood right now because of events that have occured,thanks for reading,also we have a new coder his name is Ovan if you see him make sure your nice to him please and thank you

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