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Welcome To Shinigami Redemption

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    Post by Kamu1 on Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:53 pm

    Byond Key:Master BoneZ
    Experience:About 7 games I've been Gm on, an 2 were Co-Owner.
    Why we should choose you:Well, I have been Gm on this game before. Iconning. I can Icon for you and I have the source from a prior Byond Bleach game that could possibly help out BSR(Bleach: Shinigami Redemption). I can operate well with others can will try my best to help out the game.
    What you could do for the game:As I previously noted, I can icon. I am a gifted kid and can give ideas and take initiative to icon without being told. My prior days as I Gm on this game made me like Iconning more and I had done some Icons without being told. I iconned the Gin NPC for the game, but someone added in the 'black eyes'Bonez's App. Suspect.
    What your best talent is to help us:I can Icon, I have a great personality, I always help players. I wont hesitate or seem agitated to help just to 'train'. I will help the game be much more fun, many of my freinds have came on because of me.

    Extra: Vote for Kamu or dont vote at all! Bonez's App. Icon_cheers

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