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    Greed's Application


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    Greed's Application Empty Greed's Application

    Post by Greed0022 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:15 pm

    Key: BlazeKnightbleach
    Name: Greed
    Job: Iconner or minor Iconner
    I would really like to be an iconner for this game. I am not interested in a high GM job. I am really just interested in getting a larger experience in Iconning. I am currently going to school for Graphics and Design and this is good experience.
    I have worked as GM on multiple games including Bleach Ichirin no Hana as a trail enforcer- Admin. Bleach Setsuzoku Ryuukei as a enforcer- Admin. and Currently am starting a new Naruto game.
    I have NEW icons that are NOT ripped including new Vaizard masks, a new Grimjow release, Halibel release, and Barragon release. And Luppi release. i also have 3 stages of Fullow Hollow Ichigo, and all the Espada suits along with the head of Aaeriono (Espada #9) and a good version of Ulq. release or release 2. I have also created the bounto doll Ritz (the one that controls people and moves fast). I have a Ripped version of Del Torro, Dordonni, Nell, the Dragon Fist guy, and Yammi. The list goes on and on... I am a good iconner and can make icons in good detail quickly.

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    Post by Evan on Sat Jul 24, 2010 11:31 pm

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