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    GM application by KiKster


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    GM application by KiKster Empty GM application by KiKster

    Post by KiKster on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:50 am

    -Byond Key: KiKster
    -Experience: Im pretty much experienced.I've been a GM lot of times, starting from enforcer ending to Co-owner... i have been holding a Bleach game aswell, but not so long, cause well my life is busy.
    -Why we should choose you(i guess why i
    should since it seems Heaven has left on a hiatus):
    Cause basically i pretty much helpfull, i never abuse powers, and respect all players equal, i never have conflicts, cause im not aggresive, but more positive and calm Smile im good at following orders, and previous owners of different games never had problems with me Smile
    -What you could do
    for the game:
    I have many ideas for the game future updates and improvements, i'll be online often as i will be able, and the standart would be 4 hours a day(minimum).
    -What your best talent is to help us: As i said, i'm very helpfull, i do pretty much good by holding the order ingame and responsbile , rely able person =] that would be all

    with regards, KiKster.

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