Welcome To Bleach Shinigami Redemption

Welcome To Shinigami Redemption


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    Post by power276 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:33 pm

    Byond Key:Power2761
    What this about?:Gm apply
    Ok lets Start this off of my name is power2761 and i will liek to be GM for this game my reasons areto help players stop szers and afk trainers and help wiht probleams on game the lvl of gm need for this is only LVl 1 only need to jail boot and mute (for poeple thatr curse)ill try my best to make this things happenand wont give up on the job log on as offtin as i can and make sure theres nothing bad goinon well high lvled gms are off line i wont be lazy wiht this and wont go afk   for to long or not go afk at all  Gm  Sleep well you think ill stop here??
    if high lvl gm liek owners and gm Choose to let me be GM than ill tkae the job well thats why i amde this o.o ok
    UPDATES:In most games they make there gm high lvl each update well no need to do that with me ou can leve my lvl 1 gm or 2 the way it is because thee job im goin g for if you want me to do anew job well than  i will well thats allfor nowthank you if you read this info Gm  Icon_cheers 

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