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    Post by Docky on Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:44 pm

    -Byond Key:Docky
    -Experience:I was a kage on a naruto game aftr i lost my position i was made a gm since the new kage didnt enforce the rules, the game is no longer hosted.
    -Why we should choose you(i guess why i
    should since it seems Heaven has left on a hiatus):I read the rules and understood them and know what i should, mute,boot,ban for.
    Example for muting:Someone is making threats,cursing/capping like a madman,being racist or offensive, being a brownose,asking for gm.
    Example for booting:wont stop what got them muted,Bullying, killing where they arnt supposed to
    Example for banning:Advertising, wont stop what got them booted, abusing bugs,editing, abusing powers
    -What you could do
    for the game:I can map
    -What your best talent is to help us:Im really good at mapping,cities,larger maps, But im not really good at iconing and programming but i can

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