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    Broken Blade's GM application


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    Broken Blade's GM application Empty Broken Blade's GM application

    Post by Hikaru on Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:48 pm

    -Byond Key: Dragon Vaizard

    -Experience: I have been a co owner on a Naruto game before not too sure about the name because it closed down. I have been a Master Admin on another bleach game, someone locked the server and then kicked himself so no one could host.

    -Why we should choose you(i guess why i should since it seems Heaven has left on a hiatus): You should choose me because of reliability I do not have many talents of coding or iconning etc. But choose me of reliability. Im oftenly active, take notes of rules and I try not to whine. It's probably not what you guys are looking for but what the hell, it was worth a try. Im good at enforcing rules, I follow rules and try to end arguements.

    -What you could do for the game: What I could possibly do for the game is become an enforcer. If you may I will provide the definition of Enforcer.

    ?/?n?f?rBroken Blade's GM application Thinsps?r, -?fo?r-/ Broken Blade's GM application Dictionary_questionbutton_default Show Spelled[en-fawr-ser, -fohr-] Broken Blade's GM application Dictionary_questionbutton_default Show IPA
    –noun 1. a person or thing that enforces.
    2. the member of a group, esp. of a gang, charged with keeping dissident members obedient.
    3. a person, esp. a public official, who enforces laws, regulations, rules, or the like.
    I believe I can make a promise that I can support these definitions.

    -What your best talent is to help us: My best talent is keeping the game free of rule breakers, and keepin the game as interesting as possible.
    Thank you for reading my application. If you are in need of any communication please email me at mattpaj@hotmail.com

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