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    Kazuma GM Application


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    Kazuma GM Application Empty Kazuma GM Application

    Post by Kazuma666 on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:55 pm

    -Byond Key:Master Kazuma

    -Experience: I have been GM on one game Pokemon Champion Heirs

    -Why we should choose you: I follow all the rules and will enforce the rules when I see someone breaking one. Also, I'll do any and all things you tell me to do.

    -What you could do for the game: I can code and lreaning how to icon from a friend. An, I will as many people as I can!! Also, I make really good hubs and fourms.

    -What your best talent is to help us: that I'm helpful and friendly. An, when the time comes I can be really hard on poeple that break the rules.

    PS: If you do pick me, We will one hell of a good time!! cheers

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