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    My Gm application


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    My Gm application Empty My Gm application

    Post by Ryker on Sat Aug 28, 2010 3:08 pm

    -Byond Key: JakeSolar
    -Experience: Iconner

    -Why we should choose you(i guess why i
    should since it seems Heaven has left on a hiatus): I can Icon pretty well and heve iconed in a couple of games...(Dragon ball z along with Bleach and Naruto.)

    -What you could do
    for the game: I can help better the icons that are not as good and that are in other games to make it its own unique game.

    -What your best talent is to help us: My best and only talent is Iconning i cant code or any of that type of things Iconning is the only skill I have and I think I can really help the game with my icons... jocolor

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