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    Waffle Man GM application


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    Waffle Man GM application Empty Waffle Man GM application

    Post by sanje30 on Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:08 pm

    Byond Key: sanje30

    Experince: Here are all the games ive been GM on, BLN, bleach unleashed bankai, Pokemon Online, and Bleach lost souls

    Why you should pick me: ive had alot of experience through my Byond years i know how to behave as a Gm as well as enforce the rules in the game. Im kind, helpfull, and loyal to an extent

    What i could do for the game: I could make it a happy fun peaceful gaming experince for the players and Recurit more players to play the game as well.

    My best Talents: is my Ability to talk to other players and help them sort out what ever issues they have and help resolve them.

    - John Clayton ( Waffle Man)

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