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    Post by Youjimbo on Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:15 pm

    some words before reading the applyment:
    if you havent recognized me in game, my username is Youjimbo, and i was told that this game could be amazing, by one of your GM's (Suzuki kawasaki). when i first start play this game, i saw it had a great amount of deal that could have been added to the game, and if you want my help as main/minor mapper, you should contact me. (PM my pager)

    -Byond Key: Tafe
    -Username: Youjimbo
    -Job: I see you guys are wanting coder and mapper etc. and i have the capability to help you out as a main mapper. i see this as an opertunity for me to make my mapping skills more precise and more complete.

    well, i have played bleach games on byond for about 5 years. About GM experience: i have been GM on byond games for around 3 years, and i know that i have the skills enough to help you alot.
    here is a list of the games i can remember i have been GM on:

    Bleach-Breed Of destruction.
    I was Enforcer for a little while, but I lost it becouse they didnt need any more GMs, so they took out me and a few other players.

    Bleach- Unleached Bankai
    I was enforcer on here just a few days ago, but it was only temporarly while rezant(The owner) was on a trip a few days.

    Naruto- Death Of madara
    I am enforcer and just about to have admin. I am gonna help the game by re-mapping Leaf village and rain village and add some hidden spots and a new GM room, and we are planning on creating a V.I.P room for the top rankers and the kages and stuff.

    Bleach- Eternal Abyss
    i am head admin. The Owner made me just a couple of days ago.

    Naruto- Hidden shadows
    I was admin, when the game was one of the most popular naruto games.
    but I quit the game, so they took my admin in order to give the job to someone else.

    Bleach- kurokaji
    I was head admin, but they did a GM wipe before they were gonna update the game. so the whole game is under re-construction.
    I made the forum for the game, and I was maybe one of the most known GMs in the game exept the owners.
    forum for the game:" http://bleachkurojaki.proboards.com/index.cgi "

    Naruto- Beast
    I am head admin on this game, but the game havent been on for a while. I dont know why.

    Naruto- Uncomming World
    This was an old game that was ended a long time ago.
    it was well made, but it wasnt that big of a hit. i was only a developer that came up ideas and sutch, but since we only where 3 guys making the game, I was made Co-owner.

    Some small games
    I have been up helping some wannabe games up and running, and I have been owner on the most of them. now, me and Yuka are upp with a game named Naruto- death of all shibobi. its a game that I was able to hack, so i got owner verbs, and I made yuka the same. so shes hosting it while we are trying to get some players to join.

    icon = 'path.dmi'

    icon = "fenceside.dmi"
    density = 1

    icon ='Wall.dmi'

    name = "hospital"
    icon = 'entre'
    icon_state = "Hospital"
    usr.loc = location(1,1,1)
    usr << "You have enterd the Hospital!"

    icon = 'wall.dmi'
    icon_state = 'leftwall'
    name = "Wall"
    if(usr.rank == Espada)
    alert << "You have enterd The espada rooms!"
    usr.loc = locate(1,1,1)
    alert << "You are unable to enter. a massive wall of reiatsu prevents you to enter!"

    name = "Quincy Suit"
    icon = 'quincysuit.dmi'
    src.worn = 0
    usr.overlays -= src.icon
    src.worn = 1
    usr.overlays += src.icon
    set src in oview(1)
    src.loc = usr
    usr<<"You picked up a [src]"
    if(src:worn == 1)
    usr << "Not while its being worn."
    if(src:worn == 0)

    stat("Name: [src]")
    stat("Level: [level]")
    stat("Race: [race]")
    stat("Number: [usr.number]")
    stat("Health: [health]/[mhealth]")
    stat("Reiatsu: [rei]/[mrei]")
    stat("Attack: [attack]")
    stat("Defence: [defence]")
    stat("Reiatsu Power: [reiatsu]")
    stat("Fatigue: [fatigue]%")
    stat("Experience: [exp]/[mexp]")
    stat("Flash Steps Used: [flashuse]")
    stat("Money: [money]")
    stat("Kills: [kills]")
    stat("Deaths: [deaths]")
    stat("Location: [src.x],[src.y],[src.z]")
    stat("Shikai Drain: [shikaidrain]")
    stat("Bankai Drain: [bankaidrain]")
    stat("Flash Step Uses: [flashuse]")
    stat("Mask Time: [masktime]")
    stat("Resuraccion Drain: [shikaidrain]")

    (it wont show spaces, becouse i just copy/pasted it out of my game)

    -Why we should choose you:
    becoues i have alot of experience, and i am not a pearson who abuses my authority, or any of the verbs i might be given. i learn quick, i teach others quick and effectly and i do what it takes to clean the game of Rule breakers, bug abusers etc. i also have alot of contacts, so i can help the game come in population.

    -What you could do
    for the game:
    i have great experience with mapping, and i have created a few forums for some games. i also draw alot on photoshop(it doesnt mean i can draw)
    so: Mapping, Coding obj/turf/area, GFX making, Forum making and hub making.

    -What your best talent is to help us:
    i am very helpfull and i can map as a advanced mapper, so that to would be a "talent" you might want

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